Lemurian Angel

ガイアクリスタル 受講者の声

Tom Rigler さん

Wowwwww, what a wonderful experience that was.  Thank you so much for letting me "pig out" on the energy!  (A phrase that generally means having a feast and overeating.)

I sat for the start, and pretty immediately began to feel the energy coming in. 

In the beginning, I had the distinct feeling that there were a lot of guides or angels around before it started.  I don't generally feel that connection in that way.  It was nice.  Anyway, the energy started coming in, and then I actually felt as if I was becoming a crystal.  I could feel my energies becoming much more coherent and focused than they would normally be.  Kind of coherence in the same way that laser light is coherent compared to a flashlight.

I was again very aware of you, and you were surrounded by light.  I like the look, it works well for you!  <g> 

 Then suddenly I had the impression that I was inside a crystal but in some ways, it felt as if I was inside a space ship, and I was traveling through some the beautiful dimension that was like traveling through DNA, or through a cellular system.  Various geometric shapes, all glowing in brilliant and beautiful light.

This went on for a bit, and it was very wonderful to feel...

There were a lot of feelings that were contradictions in terms.  I felt pressure but not really pressure.  I felt movement, but not moving, and I felt the weight as if a weight were pressing down on me, but at the same time, I almost felt weightless.  Very strange...  I sat experiencing all of this for a fairly long period of time.  I could feel the energy in my head, in my chest, and throughout my body.


Then something seemed to shift, and it felt more as if I was receiving healing energy.  I've been fighting a cold for a couple of days, with some slight burning sensation in my sinuses.  I've been working on it, but it was there.  All of a sudden, I felt this sensation of weight - no weight, and it was almost as if my sinuses popped -- they didn't -- and the burning went away and my sinuses cleared.  Very nice.  Thank you.


At that point, I felt the energy moving through my body, almost as if it was looking
for places where things weren't pointing in the right direction, and it would straighten
them and get them pointed in the right direction.  Again this sensation of coherence
of light.  Probably about the time you were finishing, I fell asleep, and slept for about 20
minutes or so, then suddenly, a little over an hour after we started, woke up feeling very refreshed, but again very relaxed and somewhat tired.  I can still feel the energy at my crown.  If I close my eyes and look inside, things appear very clear and very
sharply in focus...

Okay, that's about it.  Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.  Whew, very, very powerful and light at the same time.

 Love, light and

 Tom Rigler


..... end