Lemurian Angel

エンジェルメッセージ(遠隔) 受講者の声

Tom Rigler さん

I sat for the energy last night and first started to feel the energy coming into my body quite
strongly.  After a bit, I began to feel some pressure in my head and then felt my heart open.
Then energy moving throughout my body.  I stayed with it a bit, just feeling it moving around. It was not always totally pleasant, but not uncomfortable either.  At times I could feel things shifting, and it was almost like a blister being burst, a momentary sharpness, and then relief.

I felt my heart quite strongly, then began to see light coming in.  Quite a lot of light.  It started in my heart and then moved to my head and the third eye.  I thought to myself, hmmm, lots of light, this is interesting!  <g> 


Then it moved back to my heart, and I saw Yuko in my heart, but she had wings, and she and the wings were outlined in light.  She was changing back and forth from being Yuko herself,to being an angelic entity that was showing me Yuko so I wouldn't be worried.  At least that's what I took it as.  That's the point at which I could feel my heart really open, and feel all this compassion pouring out of Yuko/Angelic Being.. 


Things got intense energetically for a bit, and then it slowly died down.  However, I was at
that point somewhat tired and sleepy, as well as spacey.  I stayed awake until about 11, went to bed, started to read for a bit, as is my custom, and then woke up about 1:30 and turned the light off, laid my Kindle down, and went back to sleep. 

Today, I can still feel the echoes of light and compassion.

 Very nice.  Arigato

Tom Rigler


..... end